well, hello there! 

Thank goodness we’ve found each other!
Things are about to get seriously happy.

I make and design things to keep me happy and make you happy too.
Things like my original handmade dolls, and other delightfully rad items that are usually inspired by a pot of coffee and a little attitude too. 

(sorry mom! isn’t that what I always got in trouble for!?)

I started aubreyplays with one motto:


I want to impress you, and I hope it shows!

Everything I create is done with the utmost care and each is made one of a kind, based on my glorious stash, your wants or current whims!

I am here to answer any questions.  I am so happy to hear from you, 

(love notes are always welcome!)

Remember, to check out my instagram! You can search hashtag #aubreyplays and you will see a far bigger collection of what I have made. 

The dolls in my shop are each one of a kind, made with love and serious attention to every detail. Grab the one you like while it is still available! 

Are you here for graphic design? I’ve got you covered there too.
Let’s chat and get inspired and create something magical for you to use. I can make your dreams come true!

Hope to hear from you soon.
Have the happiest day. xoxo, aubrey